We’re the true experts in Telemarketing


LGH was originally founded with a desire to fill a need for high quality lead generation services for business.

Our technology is state of the art as is our various solutions to help business. And given the level of expertise and advance processes we offer, our fees are more affordable than you think.

Telemarketing is the most difficult sales skill there is

You only have seconds to make a good or bad impression with only what and how to say something. No presentation material to show a client, no body language cues to pickup. It just so easy to hang up and end the conversation. One bad experience, can ruin your chance with a potential customer forever. And that customer could be a huge or influential customer.


Seriously what else matters more than that!

Here’s proof. Digital marketing agencies tell businesses like you to use them to get you more customers via social media, SEO, online ads etc etc. Guess what they do to get themselves more customers? THEY USE US. That says it all really.

So if quality matters, than partner with us. We retain most of our clients, IF…. they follow our recommendations.

Those who didn’t trust to follow our advice went elsewhere and now think telemarketing doesn’t work. Those who did engage us and followed our advice are killing those same competitors that didn’t follow our advice.

Marketing is complex. So if you are just price shopping and or are looking for “guarantees”, then there would be a void in our mutual understanding of marketing principals and most likely we won’t be a good fit.

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