Fast and Accurate


  • List cleansing or list cleaning,
  • Address cleaning and or updating,
  • Customer contact updating,
  • Data base management.

We all receive mail from companies in our business and personal lives from some companies that we know and some companies that we don’t know.

If mail received is incorrectly from a previous occupant, or worse still addressed to someone who has died, this company’s reputation is adversely affected and the mail will almost certainly go in the bin.

Without an accurate database, you may as well cut out the middle man, and junk your mail in the first place.

fast & accurate

Accuracy means cost savings. And the key skills required are a disciplined approach coupled with strong listening skills and excellent English comprehension.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to accuracy. And having the right team in place makes a huge difference.

With our Database Updating service we employ local articulate telemarketers. We check names, job titles, company name, address, telephone numbers and also seeking additional information such as email addresses, renewal or review dates and research questions.

Its’ not enough just to provide a fast service it has to be accurate otherwise you run the risk of having to repeat the entire exercise all over again. One of the most critical aspects of this is ensuring email addresses are correct. One letter wrong will mean you won’t reach that customer.

Our staff ensure they enter the correct email address by repeating back to the prospect their email address three times throughout the conversation.

Every time a business fails to capture a correct email address they’re turning down the opportunity to contact them for FREE, for weeks, months and years ahead.